Sunday, November 18, 2012

PARTY Princess

PARTY Princess

Getting ready for that glittering holiday party? Maybe you are already planning that night out for New Years.
Try out some of these makeup looks, or watch some of the fashion tips! There are even ideas for your hair and nails in here!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Old Cosmetics

Generally if something smells or has dramatically changed color, that means it's throw out time!
It would be reasonable to get little stick on labels for "all" your cosmetics and mark the month and year you got them.


Lotions & Face mosturizers: 2-3 years.


Oil-free foundation: 13 months at most.


Cream foundations: 18 months, it can get really nasty if your not carful.


Concealer: 12 months to 1 year.  It depends on what kind of concealer you are using and how clean you keep it.


Eye primers: If you apply with the provided applicator and stick it back in the container it will not last as long.  13 months or 1 year if you keep it clean!


Powder eye shadows: 2 years, or 3 if you use a cleaning spray on them.  Obviously not the loos powders though.


Cream eye shadows: 12 months to a 1 year, depending on the product.


  Powder blush, Powder bronzers and face powder in general: 2 years, or 3 if you use a cleaning spray on them.  Obviously not the loos powders though! 


Cream blush: 6-12 months.  Once more depending on how clean you keep your product.

Lipstick, Lipglosse, Chapstick: 1-2 years or if stored in your fridge 4 years.  Chapstick tends to last longer then the other two, depending on the product.


Eyeliner: 3 - 6 months.


Mascara: 3 months if you use the wand and stick it back in the container.  5 months (depending on the product) if you applie with a desposable wand or a bush.

What other products should I research and add to this list?