Monday, June 27, 2016

ReverseYourRoutine with TRESemme

#ReverseYourRoutine with #tresemme complimentary of #influenster #voxfox thanks @TRESemme & @Influenster I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

So I have been using the reverse routine for a little over two week now, and so fare I have tried it two ways.
Putting the BEAUTY-FULL VOLUME PRE-WASH CONDITIONER in my dirty hair, cleaning the house all morning on Mondays and then rinsing it fully out, next using BEAUTY-FULL VOLUME SHAMPOO messaging that in for a good two minutes and then fully rinsing that out.  I then a apply a small dime size amount the the ends (three inches) of my hip length hair, leave it in for how ever long the rest of my shower takes and fully rinsing that out.

The second way I use this is for all the other times I wash my hair, in addition to Monday's wash about two more times a week, less if it's not needed.
I dampen my hair and message a generous amount of PRE-WASH CONDITIONER in, leaving it for a good five minutes before rinsing it out and only appying BEAUTY-FULL VOLUME SHAMPOO to the scalp and scrunching it down the shafts of hair to the tips, then rinsing it throughly out.

This is my routine I used with my shampoo and conditioner for a few years now, so I am very experienced with the ReverseYourRoutine experience.  This is however the first time I have used products meant for the reversed method.  So fare I am quite pleased with my experience.  I had better volume a few years back when I started conditioning first but I can honestly say Tresemme has once again produced a great product that dose exactly as it says it will!  I have always been impressed with Tresemme products and have quite a few!
My hair is much more responsive when trying to add volume to my look, I may see better results then others due to the years of using this ReverseYourRoutine method and to sleeping with my hair braided upwards to encourage volume at the roots.  I also let my hair air dry and when it's almost finished then brush it upside down until it's no longer damp but bone dry.

With any product I would give a good month test time before giving up, if you don't see immediate results that is.

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