Monday, March 11, 2013

Skinnygirl Daily On-The-Go Bars

So I got the coco-nut flavor and boy did it taste good, oh my goodness!
I shared it, so I didn't get to eat all of it but the half I got lasted for at least three hours before hunger struck again!
I also recommend drinking a big glass of water before and after, but then I recommend that any time you eat anything, haha!

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Not Your Mother's® Beach Babe™ Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

So I've tried making my own sea salt spray and FAIL!!  Haha, so I was so pumped to try this and very please!  I fist tried just spraying my wet hair and letting it air dry, but the weather was so dry out that day and everyone's hair was frizzy so fail. :(

But you'll get amazing results if you spray it on damp hair, then use a towel to scrunch dry your hair and TADA!!!  Beach waves!  It also makes a messy bun turn out just great!!!
Awesome stuff here!

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Olay Fresh Effects

I don't know about anyone else but I liked the {Shine, Shine Go Away!} Shine Minimizing Cleanser just because it's metallic silver haha, who wouldn't!  I dose a good job cleaning my face but I find it drys on my face when I try and use the brush with it.  I'm just spoiled with my clarisonic I suppose.

I do however like using the brush to message my moisturizer in, it's not just a brush it vibrates, the bristles are actually rubber so they don't absorb the cream, the head is in a triangle shape making it easy to reach around the eyes, nose ect. it's also small enough to not take up loads of room in your travel bag!

A few places you could purchase it are linked below:

Received Fresh Effects complimentary from Influenster!

Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response

So I received 4 products in the SweetHeart VoxBox 2013 from Influenster.  Out of those products I was most impressed with the deodorant!  Funny thing to be excited about right?  Well I was not excited to begin with, when I saw it I thought "Oh deodorant, ok what ever." I've never really found a deodorant that I really like until now! Most of the time they are either stick, white, wear off with in a few hours, smell dreadful, smell good but it's extremely strong over powering perfumes.
This deodorant is perfect for me!  It smells nice but not terribly strong, it is not gooey or flakey but it disappears so you don't even feel it!  I smell just fine after sweating all day long!  When I wash under my arms at night I know it's still there because as soon as I start scrubbing with water and a brush I can smell it like I just put it on in the morning!
I do not think I will purchase any of the other items from the box except this!  I will be purchasing this again and again!!! 

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