Turn loose powder into pressed powder

How to turn your loose or broken eyeshadow's into pressed powder or refill a powder compact.
You can purchase loose powder for cheaper and turn it into pressed powder to save money!

Not to mention it will also last longer because with loose powders you have to get more on your brush therefore needing to tap more off and wasting most of it.
This is also a great way to take eyeshadow's you might have that are not quite working for you, break them up into powder, mix them and create your own preferred color! 

Things needed:

Loose eyeshadow, loose blush or loose powder of almost any kind
Rubbing Alcohol (higher concentrations work quicker)
 Small dish for mixing (If your container is to shallow for mixing)
 Empty container
 Small measuring spoon or stick
 If you are going to press the powder instead of letting it sit and dry for two days then you will also need:
 Some cloth 
Books or other heavy objects for pressing
 A undisturbed area for a day

How to press loos powder:


1. Spoon some loose powder into a small shallow container (make sure there's room enough to mix around in). 

2. Spoon a few drops of rubbing alcohol into your container, stir together.

3. Keep adding drops and mixing until you have a past.

4. Spoon the mixture into your desired container (or continue to step 5. if you mixed it in your desired container) compact or eyeshadow tins.

5. Lightly tap it on the counter or slightly drop it until your past evens out in the container.
If it is to thick add a few more drops of rubbing alcohol. 


6. If you are going to press your powder continue on to step 7. if not then let dry for a day or two and then enjoy your newly pressed powder!
7. Let dry for an hour.  You'll know it's dry enough if you can lightly run your finger over it coming away with powder.

8. Lay a scrap cloth or paper towel over the powder.

9. Stack something about the size or your container's opening on the cloth.  If you can't find something that's a close enough match, take your cloth and fold it a few times so your heavy object will press the cloth down still pressing the powder. 
Quarters work well for eyeshadow tins. 

10. Put your heavy objects on top (books ect.) leave it overnight and remove in the morning for your newly pressed powder!

Witch Powder to use?

There are two types of powder to choose from, a loose powder which is normally used at home and a pressed powder, generally used on the go.

Loose Powder

Loose powder gives the best and longest lasting finish. It’s the number one choice of professional makeup artists and models. The best way to apply loose powder is to dust it lightly onto your skin using a large, soft powder brush. Then lightly brush over your face again to dust off the access.

Pressed Powder
Compacts or eyeshadow's containing pressed powder are ideal for carrying in your bag as they are light weight, simple and quick to use.


Most press powders come with their own application sponges, or a small brush in the back of the back of the case.  You will find you get better results by apply pressed powder with a powder brush. For added convenience, look for makeup brushes with retractable heads. This makes it easy to carry.


If you do use a sponge, use it lightly to pat the powder onto your face.  If it's not disposable then wash it regularly as you’ll transfer the oils on your skin on to the powder and it'll get build up.

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