One of Two Polishes

I received my #influenstervoxbox @formulaxnail from @influenster for testing, I'm a #SystemAddict #influenster doing #testing and #contest about this #formulaXnaillacquers #XCEL

So I have tried out many polishes, many systems that's were supposed to make my polish last, but sadly very few lived up to the task, save one zoya polish systems.  But now, I'll trust two, formula X nail lacquers actually dose what it says it will! It lasts!!  It stays put, drys fast, looks great, dose not start chipping and scratching after a single day of wear.
Now to give you a idea of what I put my polish through...I am the dish washer, lawnmower, bike fixed, car tuner, house cleaner and all around handy women.  My polish goes through a LOT in one day.
That said, I didn't see wear and tear on my polish until day three, and that was just that I scrapped one nail really badly and it now looks like I pulled a hair off my polish as it was drying, so. Ask my only noticeable to me!
I'm quite impressed.

Glad for the opportunity to test and review this great polish!


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